Titulli BimBimma ft Arianit - 1ka1
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Shkarkuar 520
Pëlqyer 2,506
Publikuar 27/05/2018

Informatat e këngës

Welcome to real life
Where the bad men live long
And the righteous die young
Keep ur consioussness clean
And stop denying
Bare it!
Cuz, when u regret ur sins
U will search uppon the person to say sorry to
Beware, cuz niether "the good" nor "the evil" have limits
Accordin to this!
Support them otherwise ull stand alone when u need support
We're not just localists,
But we are people that live for local bars
Eversince Facebook, we live in blogs
Now its normal to not have moral values
It makes me tie a rope to my feet
And go sleep with chorales
The soul is geting impoverished
And transforming into materials!
Because this brainwash is making us live like they live in soap operas,
Life seems Surreal when i attend funerals
I focus on details, cuz its seems like im living in a book of fairy tails,
But this time it seems i cant wake up from my sleep even if i fall down the stairs
I endlessly try, but i cant wake up from the dream!
I pray to God at nightfall,
For all this to be an illusion!


Im counting days one by one
Thus nothing is changing!
Dont loose hope, believe...
And dont you ever give up!

Im counting years one by one
Thus the samy story goes on and on
Dont loose hope, believe...
And dont you ever give up!

I pitty the people that are loosing themselves
Cuz capitalism changed their reality
They have been blinded by chasing cash throughout their whole lives
Even though they're aware that when they die they wont take a single penny to the other side!
Females make me sick! They're made of plactic more than flesh!
May God save us!
I wouldnt lay a finger on them
In fact, i wouldnt even touch them with a stick
On them displaced tits and their silicone done lips
Fuck ur reign,
You turned into selfish pricks who care only for themselves
U keep bribing one another, whereas for money issues a lot of people are abandoning the country
Ooo slow down a bit, cool off, take it easy
Can u see your deeds, are u even sain?
Why has all that blood been spilled for?
So that war profiteers can leave us with NO future?
Buy urself a ticket! Its not just me who's gone nuts, my whole nation did!
For this life, Its been said: "every man for himself"
If it were to be true, Kosovo would have a seaside!
Do i have ur attention!
People have died
Without their death wishes being fulfilled
InshaAllah heaven has been rewarded to them!
Otherwise if they would have been alive today! They would have suffered and shot themselves!

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