Titulli 4 - Boemia
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Publikuar 05/09/2017

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Hi guys! I hope you enjoy my speed build! :) leave a comment down below, and don't forget to subscribe. Thank you for all the support, you guys make my day! :)

I get asked all the time about songs, I pay for the music in my video, so for now on I'm going to be keeping it my little secret :) Thanks for understanding!

This build we be up tomorrow, make sure to search 'theholybackpack' and have the CC box ticked :)

Here is the CC I could find, I actually lost this house and its CC.. but I spent the day trying to find some objects for you guys! :)
Candle: https://goo.gl/Bh92Fg
Hammanok: https://goo.gl/PK9nnA
Clutter: https://goo.gl/PWjNFi
Poufe: https://goo.gl/8gTZxC
Dining Chairs: https://goo.gl/gikNLN
Fairy House: https://goo.gl/abn7Pe
Dresser: https://goo.gl/DCoKdg
Patio Furniture: https://goo.gl/AooTd9
Windows: https://goo.gl/ezrKpq
Desk: https://goo.gl/HfPbpC
TV Stand: https://goo.gl/GUu2Ew
End Table: https://goo.gl/8WNV9w
Lamp: https://goo.gl/k6Vqpu
Clothes Line: https://goo.gl/zY3N2Q
Mirror: https://goo.gl/3DTKpw
Greeen House: https://goo.gl/1XCfVJ
Kitchen Ceiling Lamp: https://goo.gl/hGniuY
Beams: https://goo.gl/1KuhL3
Tapestry: https://goo.gl/y3y6Jy
Fridge: https://goo.gl/Unjiji
Volkswagen: https://goo.gl/8hBi5b
Stove: https://goo.gl/jX4ExK
Hanging Bed: https://goo.gl/qgR782